What is a Postpartum Doula?

Postpartum doulas are professional care providers who are experienced in supporting families through the postpartum period – for when you return home with your new baby. They provide non-medical support to mothers and their families, helping to meet their practical and psycho-social needs and ease their transition from pregnancy to parenthood.

Postpartum doulas are specifically educated in postpartum adjustment including newborn characteristics, infant care, feeding, development; parent-infant bonding and breastfeeding support.

They provide evidence-based education, non-judgmental support and companionship, as well as some meal preparation and light household tasks. Postpartum doulas support families in their emotional and physical recovery after birth, model infant care, foster coping skills, and can make appropriate referrals when necessary.

Postpartum doulas provide support in your home and offer a variety of flexible schedules including full days, part days, overnights, and weekends. This service is excellent for parents of multiples, families with older siblings, part-time or full-time solo parents, or families with limited support networks, families with special needs, or for women recovering from cesareans, and more.

Who doesn’t need a little help some days when their arms are full with beautiful babies?

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